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May 10th-12th, 2019

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Outings - 2018

Outings are a very important portion of the Scouting experience. Most of the word “Scouting” is “outing” and here is where the scouts learn and practice their outdoor skills. Camping, cooking, fire building, compass work, canoeing, hiking, biking, nature study, staying dry when the weather turns bad and most important of all, our troop's first and only law “Safety First” and finally working within the patrol method. We try to have an outing every month.

You can get your equipment lists here: This is the Regular Equipment List and this is the Winter Equipment List (Boys Scouts of America considers 50 degrees cold weather camping)

Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders: here are your Duty Rosters and Menu Planning Sheets!!

Please note:

Dues dates are posted for a reason. Proper planning requires that you signup for an outing by the date due. Have consideration for the people making all the plans by allowing them enough time to work the plan.

Please do not ask to be added to the outing if the due date has past as your request will be denied. If you need this outing for advancement, it is your responsibility to turn your information and money in promptly.

All adults are required to fill out the adult waiver for each outing, you can click here to download this form.

Activity Name Activity Date Waiver, Permission Slips & Money Due
USS Silversides Submarine December 15th - 16th, 2018 December 6th
Join the troop for an overnight encampment on the USS Silversides Submarine in Muskegon, MI. Silversides received twelve battle stars for World War II service and was awarded one Presidential Unit Citation for cumulative action over four patrols. She is credited with sinking 23 ships, the third-most of any allied World War II submarine, behind only the USS Tang and USS Tautog. The tonnage of the ships sunk by Silversides amounted to 90,080 tons, second only to Tang's total. Judged by such standards, Silversides has the most prolific combat record of any still-extant American submarine.
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Camp Lowden November 9th - 11th, 2018 October 25th
Scouts will be able to enjoy the beauty of Lowden State Park where the bluffs are graced with a majestic image of an American Indian gazing over the Rock River Valley. It is a 50 foot, concrete-reinforced wonder that is a tribute to all Native Americans, but more commonly associated with Chief Black Hawk. Legend has it that Chief Black Hawk, as he left the area after the Black Hawk War, talked of the beauty of the area and admonished his captors to care for the land as he and his people had.
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Warren Sand Dunes October 12th – 14th, 2018 September 27th
Warren Dunes State Park is a 1,952-acre Michigan state park, located along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan in Berrien County. The park's large sand dunes and lakeshore beaches make it one of the most popular of Michigan’s state parks with an average of about one million visitors annually.
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Wisconsin Canoe Trip Sept. 7th - 9th, 2018 August 23rd
Plan B outing information

First outing of the year promises to be spectacular! The troop will be canoeing the Sugar River in WI. The Sugar River is a tributary of the Pecatonica River, approximately 91 miles (146 km) long,[1] moving through Wisconsin and Illinois. The scouts will be canoeing 10 of those 91 miles!
It rises in the hills of southwest Wisconsin, in southwest Dane County, approximately 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Madison. The headwaters are at the southern terminus of the last North American glacier. West of the river, the land elevates from lack of glaciation and joins what is known as the “driftless area”, known for its abrupt hills and valleys, covering most of southwest Wisconsin.
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Camp Crown May 11th-13th, 2018 April 26th
Get ready for some fun! We will be heading to a spot near Wilmot, Wisconsin, Camp Sol R. Crown has 146 acres of rolling hills with wooded and open areas which is perfect for our planned activities! We will be doing 1 mile of orienteering. What is orienteering? It’s a competitive sport in which participants find their way to various checkpoints across rough country with the aid of a map and compass! This covers the 4a 1st class requirement for those working towards that rank! Additionally, there will be leadership games and the scouts will be able to do some good old exploring of the campground!
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April District Camporee April 13th-15th, 2018 April 5th
Come and join us for the April outing! It will be the MARVELous Spring Camporee so channel your favorite Marvel Hero.
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Scout Skills at Big Timber March 16th-18th 2018 March 1st
The March outing is titled “Yukon Daze”. It’s a fun skill outing based upon a Yukon adventure to “Save the World”. Your Patrol will Journey to towns like Moose Snot, Busted Hump Mine, Whale Blubber and others. There will be obstacles to overcome, secret messages to decode, fuel discs to create and more. You will be given Scout challenges that will test your skills and provide lots of fun. $100,000 is riding on the success of your mission.
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Eagle Cave February 9-11th, 2018 February 1st
Time for some Spelunking! Spelunking is the recreational sport of exploring caves! These days more typically called Caving. We are heading to Eagle Cave, Wisconsin’s Largest Onyx Cave located in Blue River, WI.

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Cascade Mountain Ski Outing January 12th-14th, 2018 January 4th
Scouts will leave on Friday night and check in at the Quality Inn and Suites in Lodi, WI. We “Camp” in the Conference room with pool access. Saturday we will ski at nearby Cascade Mountain in Portage, WI. Late Saturday afternoon we’ll head back to the hotel for pizza, movies, and swimming. There will be a light breakfast Sunday morning before driving home.

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