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Starved Rock/Matthiessen Expedition
May 10th-12th, 2019

U.S. Grant Pilgrimage - Galena, IL
April 26th-28th, 2019

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Troop 23 Fundraising - 2017

Primary Wreath fundraiser

All Troop 23 scouts are required to participate with the Wreath fundraiser.

    a. Fundraising amount: $300 in wreath sales.
    b. Buyout is $150, or a prorated if some wreath sales are achieved.
    c. All sales above $300 contribute to Scout bucks
    d. Mail order is offered on a separate form. Please note the prices and items are different for mail order, and there is shipping is built into the higher price.
    e. See the Wreath handout for details.

2017-Troop23 Wreath Sale information.pdf
Fedex Form_Holiday decorations-with prices filled in.pdf

Optional Popcorn fundraiser

We are offering the BSA council popcorn fundraiser this year. Please note this is optional, above and beyond the Wreath primary fundraiser. It does not replace Wreath sales, and cannot be combined to make the $300 minimum Wreath sales.

    a. Sign up with Popcorn Kernels Wendy Ortiz or Chris Maret by 9/22. (Scouts MUST SIGNUP by turning in the sign up form to Kernels)
    b. Scouts will earn 15% of all popcorn sales, given back as Scout Bucks for both In-Person selling, and online selling.
    c. Scouts will earn a “bonus” based on their popcorn sales. This bonus program is run by the BSA – Pathway to Adventure, not affiliated with Troop 23.
    d. Mail order is possible by creating an online account that is attached to troops primary account. Please note the products and prices are different. For example, coffee is offered online. Please indicated if you want to offer this type of sale on your signup form if you want to sell to family and friends via the TrailsEnd website.
    e. If Selling Popcorn – You can start selling right away, but please remember to signup (see part a. above)
    f. See the Popcorn sheets for detail, and the signup form.